It’s All Rob Bell’s Fault!!!

Yeah, that is right! I know Rob looks all sweet and kind and pastor-ee but last night, as I watched the video of his talk at The Viper Room, Rob revealed himself to be a mean, pushy, kick you in the gut then kick you while you are down kinda guy!! OK…well, not really…but he sure did “preach at me” all the way from West Hollywood. It has really difficult to hear him directly address our cultural bent towards thinking “commentating” on what others do has become a job that many except as legitimate…Rob calls us to be “more creative than that” to find our message, to do our work, realize that it is the act of writing (and by extension other forms of art) that is where the purpose and joy is found, not in whether or not the work is excepted, endorsed, ridiculed, or rejected. You have to do it for you!

Wow! It was like Rob walked up to me personally, and said “Hey, do you know you haven’t been living up to your potential? You have been letting the voices in your head and the voices of your critics replace YOUR voice” The short way of saying this (not that I can imagine it coming out of Rob’s mouth, but I can sure hear it coming out of MINE) “Get your SHIT TOGETHER and just DO IT” Start somewhere, anywhere, and this time DON’T STOP! Don’t let anything knock you off course…NOT EVEN YOU!

I am afraid that this is where I have to make an admission, I am scared to death that I will die never having done what I need and want to do.  I self-sabotage, I use excuses, I give up, then I hate myself for it…which starts the cycle all over again.  I get depressed easily, stay depressed easily, and hide if someone tries to point it out to me.  But every once in a while, something like this happens, something that feels like new school supplies and the first day of school…a clean slate full of hope and promise for a fresh start.  In the past, I have gotten all fired up about it, ready for the new challenges, but I packed all those wonderful new supplies in the same tired, old backpack I have been carrying around my whole life…a backpack sown together with faulty stitching made of doubts, negativity, and fear of past failures…Rob took my backpack away! And honestly, I hope it stays gone!! Rob’s words released me from caring what the outcome will be and will allow me to focus on those things that make me HAPPY! His wide eyed wonder and energy at the “next chapter in life” was contagious…so THAT is why…it is ALL Rob Bell’s fault!!

If you wanna hear exactly what Rob said…watch it here Well worth the time!!

Rob Bell