Save the Drama for your Momma…hey, what a minute…I’m the Momma!!

I have been a Momma for 23 years now, I gave birth to 3 kids, and God has seen fit to bless me with many more over the years whom I love and value and watch with pride and worry about on a regular basis. There are a LOT of things I have learned in those years. I have learned that with three kids in the house, they can all have completely different personalities, interests, and ways of doing things. I have learned that they can disagree loudly when trying to persuade one another to see their point of view. I have learned that as the Momma, most of the time I don’t get involved… EXCEPT…There are rules in our home, there is never ever a time when laying hands on one another is ever acceptable, you never say something hurtful about your sibling because that is damaging and they are a loved member of the family, and lastly, always remember that you are not the only child, that you MUST understand that even if you continue to disagree you have to learn to live together cause nobody is leaving the family.

In the last couple years I have learned from my birth kids that sometime kids move away and do other things in life, it isn’t because they left the family, but because it is a natural part of growing up.  I have also learned that sometimes that same child may come back home, cause things didn’t quite work out the way they thought, and that is okay.

I am now learning how to relate to adult kids both birth and God given kids are older now and are living lives the best they can and making big decisions with big consequences.  It was SO much easier when I was worried about a toddler running into a table with their first wobbly steps when I could rush in and scoop them up before impact, or if I couldn’t at least it was all better with a ziplock of crushed ice, a sucker and Barney video watched from Momma lap. The world is hard, and I can not protect them from that anymore.  But I have learned that we can now be there for one another. My birth kids and I have gone through a lot of hard things together, and it has made us stronger. My God given kids and I have buried parents, had babies, ended marriages, cried together, talked about relationships and one of my God given kids has even died. And at the end, what I know is, it is an honor to be the Momma and to get to share the Drama.