The Rapture is Really Screwing up my week!

So, we are a little over 3 days for the end of the world as we know it. If all goes as the billboards expect, I should be at the church consuming sinful quantities of Shrimp and fixings when “the end” comes. Guess there could be worse places to be! The problem is…I don’t BELIEVE in the Rapture, and God bless um, these folks who believe so firmly in it occurring May 21, 2011 are gonna be SO disappointed!!

Sunday night, May 15th we had our first official worship gathering as Outlaw community in Memphis.  We began with a study of the book of Acts, covering the first and a little of the second chapter.  We took a moment to reflect on Act 1:10-11 in which tells of the disciples gazing into heaven after Jesus’ ascension when two men in white robes stood with them and basically said “Why are you staring up in to the heavens, he’ll be back when he gets back: and they returned to Jerusalem to get to the work of figuring out how to be a community.  Do I think they probably always kept one eye to the sky hoping to see Jesus returning, SURE! It is very likely, especially with the persecution really heated up that they were rather impatiently peering up for Jesus to drop from the clouds like the first welcomed drop of rain after a long drought. And so has every generation since!

See, the way I see it, Jesus comes for someone everyday, every day, hour, minute of every day, someone passes from this life into the next and sees what every one of us would love to see (and live to tell about it).  How arrogant is it, that after 2,000 years of folks looking toward heaven just in case Jesus appears that a small band of “smart folk” figure they have it all figured out! If only we could learn to do less suitcase sitting, staring at the heavens and do more work building the kingdom right here. Why do we have to hurry up and tell people about Jesus before the world ends, why can’t we hurry up and help people because there are so many who need help! Instead of watching for signs (you know, natural disasters that have been a constant for 2,000 years but seem like the end of the world when they happen to you) why can’t we send our time caring for those affected by them.

Here is my point. If we all have our heads down doing the work of being the body of Christ if and when Jesus does return, I doubt we would miss his glorious return but I also bet he wouldn’t mind if we did miss his entrance if we were too busy doing his work! Kinda think he’d be proud we finally go it!

 So, May 29th we will be having a party to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and JUST IN CASE the world ends, the party will be moved to the Heavenly Banquet I have heard so much about. Either way, it will be a wonderful party!! See you ALL there.