Registering for Outlawpreachers (Re)Union

It is hard to believe that one month from today Outlaw Preachers will begin to arrive from all over for the first ever (re)Union.  Registration is going very well and each day I get more excited as I see the names of the people that I will be seeing again, and those I finally get to meet!

I am going to ask that everyone register ASAP because some arrangements need to happen as soon as possible! I need to give a head count to the retreat center and they need to make sure we have proper space avaible for all of our conversation plus snacks etc have to be arranged.

I am sure there will be room to attend if you can’t register by November 15 but I am not sure about beds at the retreat center! So, registering as soon as possible would be helpful! Even if you are not staying at the retreat center, please go ahead and register for the (re)union.

Find the Registration Page at

Contact Brandon Mouser or me if you have any questions or special needs!

Looking so forward to seeing everyone!!


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