Little Hobbit’s Big Adventure Pt. 3

Dinner day one was an adventure in hearding cats! All of the Outlaws and a pirate gathered in the common area and tried to figure out where to go to eat…the Irish Pub was too pricey, the sandwich shop too…well…so we chose the Chicken Out place and headed out…in a somewhat orderly fashion.  Dinner was lovely, it felt so warm and friendly, lots of pictures were taken and lots of love was shared.  I sat across from Jonathan and the Pirate who talked and talked which was good, I didn’t listen much…ADD is NOT your friend in crowds like that…too much stimulation and I tend to zone out a bit…I just enjoyed watching all my peeps enjoy themselves. Except for Jules, who had an unfortunate winged discovery in her salad…NOT fun!!

We had to get Vince back to practice for the evening session which I was glad to do because it gave me a chance to sit quietly and process what wee had experienced during this long but affirming day. The last session began with a panel discussion. Then Adele Sakler introduced Pete Rollins (You can view this session at Adele’s intoduction is at 46 minutes) .  Pete was funny and insightful and I was thrilled to hear what he had to say.  At the end of this wonderful time Vince and Amy performed a song that Pete had used in the Insurrection Tour…it was what they had come back early to learn…tears where shed and when the experience was over no one moved…it almost seemed as if noone took a breath the Spirit of God in that room is still hard to explain. I guess all I can say is that moment was Holy.

Nar and I went out with a small group following the service and then headed back to the hotel and had NO problem getting to sleep that night.

On to Day 2 without delay…where we had lots of conversation, theological overload, Brian McLaren and finished the day with a toast, Pizza and Beer and cupcakes!!