Little Hobbit’s Grand Adventure Pt. 1

God does call us out of our comfort zone on a regular basis.  Such was the case with my recent trip to Washington DC and New York City. While I couldn’t have been more excited for the reason of the trip actually getting ready, getting to the airport, and getting on a plane was a HUGE challenge for me.  I was blessed to have a smooth trip, both flights and to arrive in Washington DC and to be met by my beloved brother I had never hugged, Pastor Nar.  The embrace of this warm, gentle man made my arrival feel like arriving home…except we didn’t actually know our way around! After the adventure of finding the car we began the adventure of finding the hotel…after a few wrong turns we unloaded our luggage and began the trip back to the airport to pick up “the Texans” as Nar called them.  We made the return trip easily enough, and there on the sidewalk stood our two easily identifiable brothers! Luggage was stashed in the trunk and our growing family made its way towards hotel and FOOD!!

We met up with more family at the hotel and began the caravan to our next location…someone (Nar) thought it would be a GOOD idea to have the Hobbit serve as navigator!! Our adventure took us on a rather indirect path to Wesley Theological Seminary…It took a paper map, three i-phones,and 1 blackberry to get us there.  But we did arrive, close to on time, and stopped when we recognized yet another brother who gave us instructions on where folks were.  We made our way to the Irish Pub and talked and laughed and loved and ate and drank and basically took the place over inside and out! Each time the door opened a new opportunity to love walked in the door! Now there where two people who I did feel quite sorry for! They were the couple on their first date who made the mistake of sitting a little too close to our ever-expanding mob…I don’t know how many times these poor people were asked “and who are you on Twitter?” But I can tell you this, if they had wanted to be included, they would have been!!

The trip back to the hotel was another adventure! The phones where dying, the paper instructions were not easy to follow in reverse order, so we were dependant on Phil’s navigational skills from his i-phone…which lead us into a dead-end parking lot!! I felt like one of those Scooby Doo Cartoons when they run in and out of a hall full of doors, meeting themselves and the ghost coming and going…Nar and I laughed til tears rolled down our cheeks…Phil, God bless him, not so much!! We did eventually find the hotel and I have NEVER slept in a more comfortable bed…or I was just THAT tired!!

Next….Part 2 an overwhelming WOW, a growing family, trying to herd cats and a pirate!


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